Retailer Portal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a link to the FAQ provided by VIP.

Below are answers to additional questions asked to our team.

Q: How do I toggle between my Try-it and my Balkan Account?

A: There is a drop down in the top right corner of the Retailer Portal that allows you to toggle between all of your accounts.

Q: Can Driversell Accounts use the Portal?

A: You can only view and pay invoices. Search and order features are not available for Driversell accounts.

Q: How do I search items?

A: Use the search bar to search by package size, style, brand name, and/or product name.

Q: What if I’m already signed up with another distributor? 

A: Select the distributor you want to order from when you first sign in (you will see multiple options).

  • If another distributor signs you up, we cannot make changes to your username, but they can
  • If using the same email, the password you used when you signed up will be your password

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: If you signed up through us, we can reset it for you. Otherwise, you can use the “forget password” option.

Q: Can we have multiple users signed up to access the Retailer Portal? 

A: You can have multiple users with different emails for the same account with different “rights”

  • View Invoice Only
  • Order
  • Pay
  • All of the above

Q: Can I pay my bill online through the portal?

A: Yes, you can pay with a company credit card or linked bank account.

Q: Can I see items allocated to my account specifically? 

A: If we have something allocated to you, you will only be able to see the number of cases/kegs allocated to you in the inventory field unless there are some in open inventory, in which case you would see more than the allocation amount available for purchase.

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