Getting The ‘Perfect Pour’

What if we told you some small changes could help to ensure that you are bringing the best taste and quality of product to your consumer in every pint? By reviewing the importance of clean beer lines and glassware along with our convenient troubleshooting guide, you will be well on your way to obtaining the ‘perfect pour’ from your draft system.

Benefits of Line Cleaning

Draft line cleaning is the most important maintenance you can perform on your draft system. No matter if your draft system is a direct draw, air cooled system or glycol system it is important to know the benefits of clean beer lines and glassware:

  • You are providing your customer with the superior beer taste and experience that the Brewer intended him or her to have.
  • You create a visual ad that will drive sales every time you place a perfect glass of beer with just the right head and effervescence. We like to say: “Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal”
  • You will enhance your Customer’s satisfaction
  • You will increase sales
  • Increases Sales = Higher profits

Remember beer is a food product and cleaning beer lines reduces yeast and bacteria (Beer Stone) from growing in the lines. Beer stones produce “off taste” and moldy smelling beer which, in turn, reduce sales.

Beer Lines should be cleaned every 14 days to ensure optimal taste and quality. You do so much daily cleaning in your establishment already. Adding this important step to your routine will help you build your business!

Draft Troubleshooting Guide

Even the best of draft system will encounter issues from time to time, and this can affect the quality of the beer you serve. Whether it be human error, the need for routine maintenance, or simply the need to adjust a temperature setting, many of these issues can be easily rectified once you pinpoint the cause.  If you experience one of the problems below, be sure to troubleshoot by reviewing the common causes for each:

Wild Beer (pouring fast or foamy)

  1. Cooler temperature too warm. Should be between 36-38 degrees.
  2. CO2 pressure above 15 PSI (this does not pertain to mixed gas).
  3. Beer out of code.
  4. Beer lines not cleaned.

Flat Beer

  1. Cooler temperature too cold, below 34 degrees.
  2. Pressure too low, below 15PSI
  3. Beer lines not clean
  4. Beer glasses not “beer clean”

Beer Not Flowing

  1. Low CO2 pressure (incorrect pressure or tank is empty).
  2. Shut off is in the off position.
  3. Pinched beer line or CO2 line.
  4. Frozen beer line.
  5. Beer lines switched in cooler.

Beer Has Off Taste

  1. Beer lines are not being cleaned properly or not being cleaned at all.
  2. Product out of code.
  3. Bad keg.

Still not achieving the optimal pour? Our Draft Service Team is second to none and eager to help you bring the best draft beer experience to your customers. Learn more about our team!

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