Draft Service

It is true in all things that PEOPLE always make the difference. At Try-It Distributing we pride ourselves on developing the best people to serve you. Our Draft Service Department has earned a reputation of efficiency and workmanship second to none in our marketing territory.

We are equipped not only to install both glycol and air shaft draft beer systems, but also to service and help maintain your setup for optimal performance.

Our draft service team also works hand-in-hand with our sales team to annually execute more than 500 special events! From delivery and set-up right on thru to the event break-down, our team has developed best practices in serving our local accounts to help ensure each occasion is a success. To learn more about our services and to partner with us for your next event, visit our trailer rental page.   

Our staff is eager to assist you in achieving a better beer experience for your Customers.

Request Draft Service

To schedule service calls, you may call us anytime of the day to leave a message at 716-651-3545 ext. 154. All problems are usually solved within 24 hours. We will schedule larger projects and installations that require more time.

If you need to speak with our Draft Manager or one of our Draft Techs during regular business hours, please call 716-651-3551 and our Receptionist will put you in touch with them.

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