New Products

We are always on the quest to bring the freshest flavors in the market to the WNY area. Check below to see the newest offerings from our Beer, Wine & Spirits, and Non-Alcoholic portfolios or search our entire portfolio found on the Grab A Beverage section of our homepage!

New In Beer

All Day IPA adds 19.2oz Cans

No one size truly fits all. We know this to be true for the clothing industry, but we are also finding it to be quite a fitting statement when talking about beer. That’s why we are continuing to see some new sizes available from our producers, like the new 19.2oz cans of All Day IPA from Founders. Consumers can look for these in stores now! Retailers, ask your sales rep how you can attain these for sale at your location.

Introducing Founders Frootwood

This one is available from the Barrel-Aged series from Foudners Brewing Company. It is a light-bodied cherry ale that was put aside in oak barrels that held both bourbon and maple syrup. After a lengthy stint, it emerged a changed beer, blanketed in notes of warm vanilla and earthy sweetness. The wood proves itself the star of this beer, adding depth and taming the tart cherry while the maple imposes a velvety texture that lingers for not a moment too long. ABV: 8.0%

Owl’s Brew Radlers

The perfect double brew, Owl’s Brew blends tea and beer for a flavor profile that is unlike anything else that is on the market. Brewed with only whole, real ingredients, these radlers never add artificial flavors, concentrates, or flavor essences. These specialty beverages offer a solution to consumers who care about the care of craft but who also want a flavorful beverage that is highly sessionable. Available in The Blondie and Short & Stout varieties.

Imperial Sponge Candy Milk Stout

You know Resurgence Brewing for their trademark Sponge Candy Stout. You may also be well acquainted with their Imperial or even the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial version of this delicious brew.  If so, you definitely won’t want to miss out on meeting the newest member of the family, the Imperial Sponge Candy Milk Stout. This big stout has decadent aromatics and flavors of rich milk chocolate, caramel, and toffee that are sure to excite the senses. The addition of lactose sugar gives this beer a creamy mouthfeel and a huge sweetness as flavorful as any box of chocolates. 22oz bottles available as a limited release. When they are gone, they are gone. So be sure to get out and try this one! ABV:  10% ABV

New In Wine & Spirits

Montsantis Cava Rose

Cava is Spanish sparkling wine. It is made the same way that Champagne is produced, but with different grapes. This Cava is a semi-seco sparkling Cava. Well structured on the palate, balanced and pleasant to drink. The aftertaste is sweet, fresh and persistent. Great as an apertif or dessert!

One With Life (OWL) Tequila

Produced in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, OWL tequila is 100% organic, farmed and distilled in a system that excludes synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, genetically modified organisms and artificial enhancements. It has a pure, mild, smooth and crisp taste that can be easily sipped alone with lime, mixed with a favorite beverage or included in a variety of cocktails. Awarded the 2015 Brand of Promise Gold Medal from Tequila Aficionado, this brand is sure to please!

Rheinstone Riesling

A deliciously crisp Riesling with a clean nose, loaded with a fine fruity bouquet of lime and apple. It is stimulating on the palate, as well as fresh and fruity with nice sweetness. Perfectly balanced, it has a rich minerality and a vibrant finish.

Soledad Ucles SolMayor Temperanillo

Bright, ripe cherry red in color with purple trim. The nose boasts intense notes of blackberry, ripe strawberry, raspberry and black plum. This Spanish wine is smooth and aromatic with a fresh tannic structure that lingers with a warm and expressive aftertaste.

Joya Cabernet Sauvignon

This 2012 Napa Valley Cab is pungent & spicy! Great with grilled or braised beef!

Poiema Pinot Noir

Perfectly nuanced balance of fruit, structure and acidity make this wine shine. Aromas of black cherry and cola with floral notes lead to a lush palate of ripe cherry, pomegranate, dark fruit, spice and vanilla. This wine drinks beautifully by itself, and is delightfully food friendly.

New In Non-Alcoholics

Teavana! Ready-to-Drink Teas

Starbucks and Anheuser-Busch have teamed up to Launch Teavana ready-to-drink craft iced teas this year and we have them available to WNY! These 14.5oz glass bottles contain premium teas that boast no artificial ingredients and less than 100 calories. The popular brand that was previously only hand crafted within the Starbucks coffee bars can now be readily available to Teavana lovers at the grocery store or other convenient retail locations without the added trip to their favorite coffee shop. Available flavors include Mango Black Tea, Passion Tango herbal tea, Peach Green Tea, and Pineapple Berry Blue Herbal Tea.

Body Armor: NEW! Flavors and Sizes

Body Armor Superior Hydration Super Drinks are quickly becoming one of the most sought after sport drinks on the market. With all natural flavors and sweeteners and 100% or more of your RDI of vitamins and electrolytes, these seem a no-brainer choice over the competition. New to this line of drinks are the following:

NEW! Flavors: Watermelon Strawberry and Lemonade

NEW! Lyte: available in Peach Mango or Cherry Berry and feature:

  • All-natural Stevia as its sweetener and not other harmful sweeteners found in a lot of popular diet drinks on the market

NEW! 28oz size: available in Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, Blackout Berry, and Strawberry Banana

NEW! Body Armor Water: available in 20oz, 23.7oz sports cap and 1L and feature:

  • Electrolytes for sport
  • High performance pH9
  • Wide-mouth bottle

Red Bull: NEW! Flavors

America’s favorite energy drink keeps expanding its offerings to provide flavors that satiate a broad range of palates. The newest editions include GREEN Edition: Kiwi Apple and Sugarfree options, PURPLE Edition:Acqai Berry and LIME Edition: Limeade. All new flavors are available in 12oz can packages.

Evian Water

Evian starts as rain and melting snow on the peaks of the Northern Alps where it filteres through layers of glacial sand on a 15+ year journey deep in the heart of the mountains. Through this process, evian is filtered naturally, without chemicals, giving it the purity, mineral content, and gives it its distinctive smooth, buttery taste.Evian has a convenient bottle that’s right for you and we offer available sizes in 500mL, 750mL, and 1L size options. 

Arizona Good Brew

Meet the new and all natural Good Brew lineup from Arizona teas! These teas are made with hand selected teas from around the globe and blended to perfection with real sugar and pure honey to deliver that fresh home-brewed taste you remember. Available Good Brew flavors include Unsweetened Tea, Peach Tea, Green Tea, and Sweet Tea.